Peace & Security



September 20 (Sonbola 30), of every year Civil Society celebrate peace day in Afghanistan, GRSP also as an active Afghan Civil Society member participating through celebrating of the day in the Kondoz , Baghlan and Dikondi provinces,

In all gathering in three provinces including provincial authority, provincial security, National security ,Shora of  Uloma , Representatives from National and international organizations , Schools students, local  Maida , CDC members , people from the Bazars, and other ordinary people ( hundreds mane and women) participated ,After reciting of verses from Holy Quran , National Anthem and welcome by GRSP Peace massages and speeches  by different representatives delivered to audience, continued with music , Drama, role play , poetry  by different  groups from school students, the program which started in 9 o’clock in the morning ended at 12:30 with the pray for peace either Nationally and Internationally, and the peace book been signed by participants, the local media have launched the program

Finally, gifts been distributed for the active participants, including music group, Darama group, poetry group, Trana group,Similar occasion of celebration launched by other Afghan civil society community around the country in all provinces.