About Us



Ghazni Rural Support Program (GRSP) is a non-governmental, non-profit, and non-partisan Afghan Organization established in 1993by a dedicated group of Afghan professionals experienced in humanitarian activities with the sole objective to carry out such activities in rural Afghanistan. It is GRSP’s goal to promote community participation and stimulate sustainable integrated rural development in Afghanistan by empowering the people, thus the organizational motto “Help Afghans Help Themselves”. This GRSP does through a grass-root level mechanism of encouraging community participation in all levels of implementation; planning, executing, and monitoring. To this end GRSP has utilized the village level “Shura” formations in carrying out most of its projects.

GRSP remains committed to national and international values, as well as its time-honored organizational values of efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

GRSP is a member with: MoE, ANCB, ACSONP, ARDS, GCAP, CSOJIP, MRRD, MAIL, MoEdu.

Objectives • Stimulate Sustainable integrated rural development in Afghanistan • Eradicate Poverty • Eradicate Outside Dependency • Promote Community Participation and create a sense of ownership and responsibility • Promote peace, stability, and repatriation, and empower Afghans to create a socio- economic infrastructure • Mobilize natural and human resources by implementing sustainable projects

WORKING SECTORS • Agriculture / Animal Husbandry • Irrigation • Income Generation • Emergency Relief • Education/ Training/ Community Development • National Solidarity Program (NSP)